Fear not!

It was a grey and drizzly afternoon during the Covid-19 lockdown so I decided to treat myself to a coffee, a doughnut and a sprawl on the couch watching a chick-flic – or something.

The ‘something’ turned out to be a science fiction film. Not my favourite genre but the message really impacted me.

It is a time when earth’s atmosphere is so polluted mankind has been forced to live on another planet. But it’s a planet of giant locusts. They can’t see you but when they smell your fear – they attack. (Yes, I know – silly – but stay with me!)

Will Smith, a fearless commander, sets off on a routine trip with his teenage son Jaden, and a handful of passengers, but the space ship crashes and on impact breaks up, and everyone is killed except Will and Jaden.

With two broken legs, Will is unable to reach the rescue beacon situated in the other half of the spacecraft scattered some 25 miles away, so the task is left to his son, Jaden. This is a dangerous mission, as there are only a limited number of air capsules, the climate is foul, the animals wild, and there are these giant locusts to contend with.

As the terrified Jaden sets off, his father speaks to him through his wrist TV screen.

Son,’ he said. ‘Fear is not real.  The only place that fear can exist is in our fear of the future. Fear is a product of our imagination causing us to fear things that at present are not real and may never even come into existance. To fear them is insane. Danger, on the other hand, is very real and should not be ignored. But fear is choice. In fearing, we’re telling ourselves a story.’

Jaden reaches the scattered spacecraft. He finds the crew dead and a giant locust hovering nearby. Jaden is terrified. But then he hears his father’s voice in his head.

Fear is not real. It has no substance. Choose NOT to fear.’

Jaden regroups within himself. Staying perfectly still, he closes his eyes, and turns his fears into positive and hopeful thoughts. A peace fills him.

The giant locust, who is only destructive when it smells fear, is thwarted. It cannot harm him because it cannot smell his fear. Jaden wins the day.

Yes, I know, silly little story, but is it?

Let’s not ignore the danger of Covid-19, but let’s not live in fear of it by listening to stories over-sensationalised by the news media, or friends or colleagues who like to dwell on negativities. So much good can come out of this monstrous virus. Like …. Go on! List them.

Climate change … electric cars … review of NHS ….

Stay well – stay safe – stay positive – and be not afraid.

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