The Interview

My problems began when my publisher, John Hunt Publishing, wanted my profile increased to market my books. Being an introvert by nature, this was not my scene. But even more disconcerting was having to find my way around social media. I waded through Facebook and got completely lost on Twitter, but the real problem came when Andrew Chamberlain, author and originator of ‘The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt’, e-mailed to ask if he could interview me.  

‘We’ll do it through Skype’, he suggested. 

‘Fine!’ I assured him. (Help! What’s Skype?) 

Fortunately, I have a 15-year-old grandson who’s a genius with computers 

 ‘Now are you sure you’ve got it, Grandma?’ Tomas asked after patiently showing me the ropes instead of doing his homework. 

‘Absolutely!’ I assured him.  I’m good at assuring people.

The big day of the interview arrived. Andrew Chamberlain contacted me at the duly appointed time and I’m sure – absolutely sure – I pressed all the right buttons. But somehow, something went awry.  Andrew rang me. 

‘Sorry; not quite sure what went wrong,’ I apologised. 

‘Don’t worry,’ he said. ‘We’ll use Zoom.’ 

Zoom? What the heck is Zoom

The only glimmer of light on the horizon was that I had met Andrew a number of times through a Writers Course in the lake district? So perhaps it was that, that had left him with the distinct impression that he was dealing with a nugget head as far as technology was concerned. Because half-an-hour later, after leading me slowly and patiently via phone through some weird procedure we were able to connect through Skype. 

And the interview? Well, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Andrew was such an easy-going interviewer that my fears were relieved almost from the start, and before long we were laughing over the ups-and-downs I’d had as a writer. 

So, if you want to be encouraged by a struggling author (me) who has book number 5 being released at the end of March, listen to the Creative Writer’s Toolbelt, Episode 154, ‘From Perseverance to Publication’

2 thoughts on “The Interview

  1. Good morning Joan

    This is a huge leap for me contacting you, though have had this on my ‘To do list’ for years.

    We met at St Pauls Church Seaton Sluice many years ago when you came as part of a Healing Team, signing a book about the Shop on Pilgrims St.

    Due to Covid, our Lord has provided an opportunity for me to step outside my present remit as Church Warden, having completed six yrs, six months – which may extend even further until our new CW is officially appointed.

    I’m really touching base at this point and seeking the best way to communicate- rather following in your footsteps with minimum knowledge of these wonderful IT methods- still writing the occasional letter, monthly end of year reports but no stories at present with MU publications at a standstill.

    Please could you let me know the best way to go forward. I’m not a budding novelist- though believe I’ve a story to tell; at 76 arthritis has taken its toll on my spine and fingers, therefore wondering whether you still take on ghost writing? Thank you.

    1. Hello Margo,
      Lovely to hear from you and delighted to hear you have a story to tell. I think there’s a story in all of us, isn’t there?
      Not quite sure where you are or what you want to write but I think the best way for you to tell me and for us to communicate is through e-mail which is:
      Looking forward to hearing from you.

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